Energy Savers

Australia has several policies related to in-house displays, showerheads, and weather sealing, which are aimed at promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
As a Renewable energy company, SES helps you with all the policy details and installation of these products.

IHD (In-House Displays)

The Australian government has implemented the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program, which provides funding for the installation of in-home energy displays. These displays provide real-time information on energy use and costs, which can help households to reduce their energy consumption.

Shower heads

The government has set minimum water efficiency standards for showerheads. Showerheads must have a flow rate of no more than 9 liters per minute to be sold in Australia. This helps to reduce water usage and energy consumption associated with heating water.

Weather sealing

The Home Energy Saver Scheme provides financial assistance for weather sealing and other energy efficiency improvements in homes. The Commercial Building Disclosure Program requires buildings that are sold or leased to disclose their energy efficiency rating, which can encourage building owners to improve weather sealing and other energy efficiency measures.

Fridges and freezers

SES replaces your old appliance for no cost as per Govt Policy. This program is aimed at businesses to help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


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