Residential Solar

At SES World, we understand how expensive household bills can be, and our mission as a company isn’t just to help you go green, but also to help you save money. We have a free expert consultation team that is always willing to listen and help clear your doubts about the entire solar process. We have a top-notch technical team in the Victoria area that will install, inspect, monitor, and control your solar system.


All SES products are CEC Accredited, Certified and Approved

About our Products

We install a wide range of Solar Power products, including the best SMA inverters and REC solar panels in the market

Custom-designed systems

SES instals all custom-designed grid connection solar systems and Battery Storage systems for both Residential and Commercial sectors.

Package offers

Pricing plans

6.6 Kwh


$ 1999/- *
  • 25 yr Product Warranty
  • Industry's best quality
  • Mono-crystalline
10.3 Kwh


$ 4490/- *
  • 25 Yr Product Warranty
  • Linear Power output Warranty
  • Mono-crystalline
13 Kwh


$ 6990 *
  • 25 Yr Product warranty
  •  High efficiency solar panel
  • Mono-crystalline

We're always looking to team up with like-minded individuals and businesses who share our passion for clean, renewable energy. Whether you're interested in partnering with us on a solar project, or you're a supplier looking to work with a reliable and reputable solar company, we'd love to hear from you. So let's talk! Together, we can power a more sustainable tomorrow.

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