Commercial Solar

Powering Your Business for Over 25 Years

SES brings together expertise, skills & knowledge in the renewable energy sector and is able to advise clients on renewable energy including solar and energy upgrade systems

Maximizing Asset Potential

At SES World we offer complete solar panel installation services to our commercial clients at a very affordable cost. Installing a Commercial Solar Power System is regarded as one of the best and the most advanced renewable energy solutions which saves a huge amount of your electricity bills and maximizes your asset value

Innovative Customised Solar Solutions

Some of our proud creative solutions

Solar Car Park

SES successfully came up with the solar car park solution for a business with shorter roof space and bigger premise space.

ground-mount solar system

Ground mount system along with Adjustable mounts or Solar Trackers have been a highly yielding idea for generating energy throughout the year.

Solar Farm-Shed

SES installed farm shed for the client who did not have a huge building with a roof but had high electricity bills. The farmer greatly benefitted by co-locating solar and cattle in the 'SES built' solar shed.

Integrated Solar Systems

Solar panels integrated into building designs, such as roofing or facades is a fairly new concept with few but successful installations.


Book an inspection for your property


For the most accurate details around the area design, brands, panels, and power storage batteries that will be optimal for your space


We're always looking to team up with like-minded individuals and businesses who share our passion for clean, renewable energy. Whether you're interested in partnering with us on a solar project, or you're a supplier looking to work with a reliable and reputable solar company, we'd love to hear from you. So let's talk! Together, we can power a more sustainable tomorrow.

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