Research and Development

SES believes in providing solutions with the existing technology and at the same time moving forward by inventing and creating solutions for businesses and industries at large. With a portfolio of an Australian patent and patent applications for our innovations, SES aims to make a mark in the ‘Green Revolution’.

Our R & D team is continually working to develop sustainable products in Agricultural Technology, Green Engineering and Recycle sectors.

Research And Patents

Solar Portable Water Stove

A hydro-oxy based product which works on electrolysis principle. It uses DC power from Solar panel or battery and converts water into Hydro-oxy gas which is injected through 4 x 0.25mm openings to give a flammable opening. ​ This can be used to cook food and reduce usage of petroleum gases. The idea is to not bring a gas stove to the market, but to open up a channel for vast arrays of ideas which people would be able to work on from this energy created from water.

Industrial Solutions

Solar Hydroponic Farming / Vertical Garden Solutions

SES would like the new methods to be used from farms to home level, so we plan to promote it at various suburbs in the near future. Hydroponic system can be used for producing veggies at your backyard with limited space. It can sufficiently grow many vegetables and herbs with the minimum use of water and efforts.

Solar Atmospheric Water Generator

Solar Atmospheric water generators may be used virtually anywhere at a higher altitude location where water is a scarcity. A complete Solar powered generators solution could generate thousands of liters of water daily for our farmers which can support their livestock and also be used in their farms.


We're always looking to team up with like-minded individuals and businesses who share our passion for clean, renewable energy. Whether you're interested in partnering with us on a solar project, or you're a supplier looking to work with a reliable and reputable solar company, we'd love to hear from you. So let's talk! Together, we can power a more sustainable tomorrow.

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