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Power up with TOP CON Frame-less Panels

Solar energy just got a major upgrade! DAH Solar, a top player from China, has released its latest double-glass TOPCon solar panels, and they are game-changers.

Power Up with New Tech

These new panels feature a unique frameless frontside. This design helps rain wash away dust, cutting down on cleaning time and boosting your power output by 6% to 15%. Who wouldn’t want that?

The DHN-72X16/DG/FS panels, come in four models with power outputs between 570 W and 585 W. They’re super efficient, hitting up to 22.65% in power conversion.

Why these panels are a great option

These TOPCon modules are a big step up from the usual PERC modules. They generate over 3% more power per watt. Plus, they have a bifacial design that increases back-side power by another 5% to 25%. More power from both sides means more energy for you.

Built tough, these panels can handle extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. They have sturdy frames, heat-strengthened glass, and top-notch water protection (IP68 rated).

Long-Lasting and Reliable

DAH Solar guarantees these panels will perform well for years. The first-year power drop is only 1%, and they lose just 0.4% per year after that. After 30 years, they’ll still deliver at least 87.4% of their original power. They’re also resistant to potential-induced degradation (PID), making them super reliable.

Easy Installation

The frameless design isn’t just cool to look at—it’s practical. You can install these panels either vertically or horizontally, giving you more flexibility. Plus, this design helps prevent snow and sand buildup, which is a bonus for those in harsher climates.

The Future is Bright

DAH Solar’s new panels are setting new standards in the solar industry. With high efficiency, strong power output, and lasting durability, they’re a fantastic choice for anyone looking to go solar. And with a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year power output guarantee, you can trust these panels to deliver.

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