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Maximize Your Solar Power with the GROWATT ALP LV Battery System Bundle

In the rapidly advancing world of solar technology, choosing the right equipment is crucial for boosting energy efficiency and saving on costs. The GROWATT ALP LV Battery System Bundle offers homeowners and businesses a robust solution that guarantees superior performance and reliability. Here’s why this bundle is a standout choice in solar energy solutions.

Harnessing Power: The GROWATT ALP LV Battery System

The GROWATT ALP LV Battery System is engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing solar setups. It offers flexible capacity options ranging from 5kWh to 40kWh, making it versatile for various energy needs. Featuring cobalt-free LiFePO4 batteries, it ensures top-notch safety and durability. The system’s modular and stackable design allows for easy installation and scalability, and its IP66 rating makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Capacity: Options from 5kWh to 40kWh to meet diverse energy requirements.
  • Cobalt-Free LiFePO4 Battery: Ensures enhanced safety and long life.
  • Modular Design: Simplifies installation and future expansions.
  • IP66 Rating: Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The BL – UP Hybrid Inverter

The SPH5000 BL-UP Hybrid Inverter is designed to integrate effortlessly with current solar systems, ensuring efficient energy use and consistent power supply. This high-efficiency inverter maximizes the use of solar energy, making it an essential part of the GROWATT ALP LV Battery System Bundle.

Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: Delivers excellent energy conversion and optimized solar utilization.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily fits into existing solar setups.

Comprehensive Accessories for a Complete Solution

The GROWATT ALP LV Battery System Bundle includes essential components to ensure optimal performance and safety:

  • Growatt Battery Base: Provides a sturdy foundation for the battery system.
  • Growatt 1Ph Meter (SPM-CT-E): Ensures accurate energy measurement for single-phase systems.
  • Growatt 3Ph Meter (TPM-CT-E): Accurate energy measurement for three-phase systems.
  • Growatt Shinelink WIFI: Enables real-time monitoring and control.
  • Battery Circuit Breaker (BDM – 125 2P 125A): Protects against electrical surges.
  • Battery Label Kit: Provides essential labels for safe operation and regulatory compliance.

An Optimal Combination for Superior Performance

The combination of the GROWATT ALP LV Battery System and SPH5000 BL-UP Hybrid Inverter creates a powerful synergy that maximizes solar energy production and storage. This bundle not only enhances performance and reduces electricity bills but also supports environmental sustainability by increasing your renewable energy usage.

Why choose SES World ?

At SES World, we prioritize the integration of advanced technology to deliver the best results in solar power systems. Our expertise in selecting and installing the right components, like the GROWATT ALP LV Battery System and SPH5000 BL-UP Hybrid Inverter, ensures our customers enjoy top performance and significant savings.

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