Research and Patents

SES believes in providing solutions with the existing technology and at the same time moving forward by inventing and creating solutions for businesses and industries at large. With a portfolio of an Australian patent and patent applications for our innovations, SES aims to make a mark in the 'Green Revolution'.

Our R & D team is continually working to develop sustainable products in Agricultural Technology, Green Engineering and Recycle sectors.

At present, SES holds a Patent for HHO Solar Stove.


Solar Portable Water Stove

A hydro-oxy based product which works on electrolysis. It uses DC power from Solar panel or battery and converts water into Hydro-oxy gas which is injected through 4 x 0.25mm openings to give a flammable opening. This can be used to cook food and reduce usage of petroleum gases.


Come and Join with Us in Global Mission

SES believes in support and collaboration and therefore invites the visionaries to come and join hands for a green energy program or product design that they're working on. If eligible, we'd like to extend support by collaborating, along-with our team of engineers and help in designing and developing the product. We would also work for the documentation and patenting of the product to reach out to the masses and be effective at every level.