About Our CompanySustainable Energy Solutions (SES)

Established in 2015, SES has pioneered the renewable energy segment with its excellence in customer service and innovative approach towards customer specific needs. SES aims to be futuristic and technologically advanced, parallely safeguarding the endangered environment that is presently on the edge. We aim to build a business and a structure that makes people’s lives easier, and also lets the Earth breathe with all its resources safe.

With the pandemic induced economic breakdown across the world, SES extends its support to Australia, along-with the Government programs and rebates, and hopes to replenish the businesses with the help of Renewable energy and Sustainable energy usage.



SES is more than a Renewable energy company – We are a Change initiating team, and we are proud to be constantly working towards maximum green energy usage by innovation, research and creation of new renewable products and thus building a better, greener future.

We aim to pass on the message that some of the greatest minds such as Nikola Tesla and Stanley Meyers strived for, throughout their life. SES strongly holds the ethos of 'Be-coming the change you want to see in the world' and cares for what message we pass on to the society and contribute through our work.

About Our TeamQualified and Experienced Professionals

Shaan Agrawal


With over 10 years of experience in the Solar and Renewable industry, Shaan is known for his innovative mind and impromptu solutions for his clients.

As a founder and CEO of SES, he has developed a great goodwill in the Solar energy market as well as in the Green energy sector. Shaan is always keen on bringing new energy solutions to the world and to work towards a better environment. He proudly holds Australian Patents for his R&D products.

Mark Smith


A serial entrepreneur who has worked on various electrical and telecommunications project in his vast experience of over 4 decades. He has contributed and supported many clients with his in depth know how of the energy market.

Alex Bhuta

Renewable Energy Consultant, VIC

One of the most calculative and most straight forward consultant who will give a clear idea on all the benefits that a customer would benefit from Solar. He always gives that extra effort which is required to make sure that the customer is happy with the products and services that we are providing.

Peter Caruso

Consultant (Sales & Design), QLD

Peter has worked as an engineering designer, sales engineer, operations manager, and consultant. He has worked in the technical sales and marketing departments of several world class corporations such as Wormald International, Chubb Corporation, Downer Corporation and GHD engineering.

As the operations and business development manager of Integrated Solar Solutions, he was responsible directly to the board of representatives from the Joint Venture sponsoring companies, RF Industries and ABB/James Watt (Later Downer Engineering).

Matt and Jared

Solar PV Installers, QLD

20+ years combined experience in the electrical industry, specializing in Solar Installation for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial work. They approach every job meticulously and cater its' requirement with utmost professional and safe manner. Our team of electrical contractors are highly focused on ensuring that not only your property is respected and left clean, but the job is done to the highest standard.

Kevin Schafer

Solar PV Installer, VIC

Kevin works with a team of highly experienced solar installers and electricians in Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs and Mornington Peninsula area. Kevin has a unique way of dealing with various installations, as every client if given a choice prefers his Solar installed in a particular way for e.g. designing a company logo on the roof, to give a great google image.

Our Associates